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The idea behind EMERG was formed in 2015 from an initiative by UK charity Invest in ME Research.
EMERG was intended to create a vision of collaborative research in Europe in order to increase biomedical research into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).
It brought together the foremost European ME researchers, and others, in order to establish an understanding of the Aetiology, Pathogenesis and Epidemiology of ME.

Representatives from the major European countries conducting biomedical research into ME were invited to the reformed EMERG in London in 2019.
EMERG has formed a steering group and working groups have been set up to look into different areas.

EMERG will work with the clinicians in the European ME Clinicians Council (EMECC) and with European ME patient groups within the European ME Alliance (EMEA) to provide a powerful combination of campaigning, raising of awareness, building new research and accumulation of data based on collaboration and sharing of experiences and knowledge, which would allow rapid progress in developing and iplementing a strategy of high-quality research into ME.
By collaborating across Europe the best talents from the best institutions can be harnessed.

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EMERG Steering Group meets

The next steering group meeting takes place in Amsterdam to plan strategy, assess status of working groups and discuss status of latest funding applications and collaborative project work.

EMERG Meeting in London

EMERG was reformed and a two day meeting was held in London in November 2019.
A Steering Group was formed and multiple working groups were set up (see governance). The EMERG meeting overlapped with the European ME Clinicians Council (EMECC) meeting that followed.

Second EMERG meeting held

Prior to the 6th Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium in London researchers met again to discuss status.

Inaugural Meeting of EMERG.

Researchers were invited to the inaugural meeting in London to discuss forming collaborative research, joint funding bids and the creation of a European network of researchers.


The European ME Research Group (EMERG) is a network of European ME researchers who are collaborating in biomedical research into myalgic encephalomyeltis (ME).